Paper Jamz Pro Series Mic Review

Paper Jamz Pro Series Mic Review | Paper Jamz Microphone Style 1, 2, 3

The Paper Jamz Pro Series Mic is much more than a toy microphone. It is a working mic and amp set that gives your voice a near perfect paper jamz instant rockstar microphonepitch, giving your sound that edge the stars have. It transforms your voice as you sing using pitch detection, so kids can go from sounding OK to really good on the fly.

Made by WowWee, the Paper Jamz line of musical instruments has been a hit, and the Paper Jamz Pro Series Mic takes technology to a new level, at a very reasonable price.

Just what do Paper Jamz Pro Series Mics do?

With the Paper Jamz Microphone, you simply attach the amp, which is small and clips to your belt, pick from the modes to change your voice (if you do nothing, it is in auto-mode) and use it to automatically tune your voice. Now you have a professional quality voice as you sing through the mic. You can also load songs onto the Pro Series amp and sing along with the original artist or perform a solo to the music.

It is very simple to select. The Paper Jamz Pro Series Mic comes with 6 voice mode buttons and 3 song buttons.

Paper Jamz Pro Series Mic ReviewPaper Jamz Microphone Style 1-Grey ~ Paper Jamz Microphone Style 2-Pink ~  Paper Jamz Microphone Style 3- Brown

Features of the Paper Jamz Instant Rockstar Microphone

  • Tune your voice with 5 different modes (see more below)
  • Sing alone or with songs
  • Load up to 3 songs using the Free Paper Jamz Pro desktop app
  • 2 pre-loaded songs included
  • MP3 and M4A support
  • USB and Headphone compatible
  • Can use Headphones to hear your own voice while singing
  • Volume control for microphone and music
  • Sleep mode after 5 minutes of inactivity
  • Age 8 and up
  • Amp Size 6×4 inch
  • Batteries Not Included (4 AA)
  • Includes:  Microphone, Effects Amp, USB Cable and Instructions

Paper Jamz Pro Series Mic Voice Effects

Auto Mode automatically tunes and adjusts the track

Perfect pitch modifies your pitch so you are in key

Auto Harmony lets you sing as a duo or trio by yourself, makes a copy of your voice

Auto Vibrato adds richness to your voice

Chorus multiplies your voice, sounds like you are singing with a group

Perfect melody helps you sing in harmony

Paper Jamz Pro Series Mic Video Review

Paper Jamz Pro Series Mic Song Library

The amp will hold up to three songs at a time, and comes pre-loaded with 2 songs. Don’t worry about the songs on there, you can quickly change them. Paper Jamz has been known in the past to add songs that parents find inappropriate or kids simply don’t like, but you are not stuck with these songs if that should be the case.

To add or change songs to your Paper Jamz Pro Series Mic, there is a desktop app to download, and you can use your iTunes library. Not all songs are fully compatable, and songs that are not fully compatable may still work, but may not be as optimized for the mic or may take up 2 songs slots (out of the 3 allowed on the mic/amp). So, although the 3 max is small, changing is easy and your kids over 8 should be able to do this on their own, especially those who own an Ipod. The app makes it a simple drop and drag process.

Paper Jamz offers a full compatable playlist of the songs that do work best with the Paper Jamz Pro Series Mic.Review Paper Jamz Microphone

Paper Jamz Pro Series Mic Instructions Manual

Find out more about the software app and view a full Pdf instruction manual before you buy.

Paper Jamz Pro Series Mic Review

Overall, the Paper Jamz Pro Series Mic is a great idea for aspiring singers or kids who love music. It is an impressive toy in the price range of under $30.00, and although it is not perfect, with a minimal storage for tunes, the fun voice options make up for it. So, if you have a singer in the family, and it would do your ears some good to tune up the vocals, consider the Paper Jamz Pro Series Mic as a fun and unique gift idea.

 Buy Paper Jamz Pro Series Mic

If you would like to buy Paper Jamz Pro Series Mic with Free Shipping, find your perfect color and get the music playing.

paper jamz instant rockstar microphone

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