Perplexus Maze Game | Perplexus 3d Puzzle Ball Review

Perplexus Maze Game | Perplexus Puzzle Ball | Perplexus Game Review

perplexus ball mazePerplexus maze game – is it a ball, puzzle, or toy? Well, whatever you call it, it’s fun for kids or adults as they maneuver a marble inside a see-thorough sphere, all sans batteries. With the Perplexus 3D puzzle ball, just shift the circular sphere, to maneuver the marble around challenging barriers. From young kids to seniors, if you enjoy puzzles and want to try something new, the Perplexus puzzle ball is a great option.

If your family is looking for fun, the Perplexus maze game 3-D experience is a nice break from the flat board game. The Perplexus ball puzzle will test your skills as you maneuver a small ball over a maze of narrow tracks. And with over 100 obstacles in the ball to challenge them, they won’t tire of this toy too soon. Gamers simply select a track to begin the play, and shift, turn, and distort the sphere to guide the marble. Play can be single or 2 player.

Perplexus Ages

Perplexus is an educational game, which can help in the development of motor skills in kids, as well as hand eye coordination. It is also fun and challenging for teens and adults. Age range for Perplexus is ages 6 and up.

Perplexus Puzzle Ball

One of several big benefits to Perplexus is that it will be self-contained. The steel ball and spherical maze are protected inside the plastic that doesn’t open. Simply, no losing any pieces with the Perplexus puzzle! In the sphere, there is more than 23 feet of track within the 8″ size sphere.

Perplexus maze game is distributed by PlaSmart, Inc, and was formerly called the Superplexus. It comes in a single pack, the regular Perplexus Maze Game, a double pack for challanges, Perplexus Epic, a new more challanging ball with 125 barriers, and the Perplexus Rookie, a Smaller version of 6.5 inches.

Perplexus Game Video

Perplexus Review-From Amazon Buyers

The Perplexus puzzle ball is well built and lots of fun for 5 to 85 years old. People find it irresistable to play with. I think its very good value considering how much fun it has bought.

Another Buyer Review

We love Perplexus! My 8 year old requested this and I am so glad we purchased. My 4 year old cleared level 1 after about a week and I am still working on level 2. It is a great game for hand eye coordination, my kids are concentrating and challenging themselves…it is really one of the coolest toys we have ever bought. Perplexus is going to be my new go to gift for all birthday parties!

Perplexus Reviews-What Buyers Don’t Like

The biggest complaints were not seeing the lettering on the track unless you are under bright light. This is more of a problem with the Perplexus maze game for adults than kids. Some also felt that the toy might not last, although others were impressed with how well made it was.

Buy Perplexus | Perplexus Cost

Perplexus toy cost only about $20, over $30 for the Epic, about the average cost of a family game. You can find a great selection of Perplexus maze games here, most with free shipping.

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