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Chase The Blues Away: Philips GoLITE Portable Light Therapy Review

Philips Golite Porable Light Therapy ReviewFeeling blue? Blue light might be the cure for you. GoLITE Portable Light Therapy incorporates the use of a device that emits bluewave light that can help reduce the sad ~ seasonal affective disorder (winter depression), as well as problems waking up on time with low energy, chronic fatigue, depression or other body clock disorders such as jetlag, strange sleep patterns, and unusual moods.

The effects of bluewave have been studied by the Mayo Clinic, NASA and the US National Institute of Health has studied the effect of bluewave – and the results of their research is making waves.

How Does Light Affect Moods?

Our body reacts to natural light cycles: darkness is for sleeping and daylight is for waking. Our busy schedules and other distractions often rob us of natural light and disrupt this natural pattern – creating insomnia, low energy and mood swings. Of course, winter naturally robs us of light and brings about seasonal depression.

Research has shown that exposure to bright light could help increase energy and combat moodiness. Blue light from a summer sky stimulates the brain to create serotonin (a happy hormone) and suppress the creation of melatonin (the hibernation hormone). Philips’ GoLITE Portable Light Therapy attempts to capture this same light and put it in your hands. You can even adjust to your own brightness effect.

Personal Assessment Before you Start Light Therapy

The most vital part of feeling better while using the Golite Portable Blu Light Therapy device is getting the amount of exposure you need. Philips offers a free online assessment, so before your first use, you can find out just how long, how often, how bright and when your treatments should be. Getting this part right is the key to your success in responding to the light.

2 Golite Versions Available ~ Here are the differences

The Portable version retails for $199, and includes a lithium-ion rechargable battery, a touch screen, a fully functioning alarm clock and a timer. It has an auto-on option, so you can set it to come on daily at a specific time. This can work great for a work area, so you don’t have to even think about getting your daily dose of light therapy. Be aware that the battery may drain quickly if you use it on high brightness, although a low brighness level may last several days, and the AC adapter is rather bulky.

The Philips Golite Hf3321/60 is a base model. It has similar sizing (slightly larger light) and offers the same light power. The only difference is  you do not receive the above features or recharable battery pack. It retails for $129 if you do not care about these features. The benefits you receive from the light itself are the same on both models. Amazon offers a discount on both along with free shipping.

See Below a Video Review of The Philips GoLite Blu light box. This is the Rechargeable and Portable Model.

How A GoLITE Portable Light Therapy Device Can Change Your Mood

Independent researchers have tested the device and concluded that it can help reset our circadian rhythm (our inner day cycles), which could relieve jetlag, increase energy levels, and fight winter blues. The Golite Portable Light Therapy device is the Philips golite porable light therapy at deskNational Sleep Foundation’s official light care product.

Here are the product’s main features:

  • Safe, low-intensity, UV-Free light
  • Lightweight and portable: measures 7 inches x 7 inches and weighs 1 pound
  • 10,000 lux of blue light
  • Internal rechargeable battery
  • Backlit LCD touch screen controls for timer and dimmer
  • Carrying case for travellers
  • Soothing blue light and chime can be a replacement alarm clock

The Philips GoLITE Portable Light Therapy box is smaller and less intense compared to other white boxes, but is has a broader field of light. Another plus is that it is uniquely angled to shine at your eyes. You can time it to shine for a specific amount of time each day so you can as much energizing light as you like. According to the makers, using it for as little as 15 minutes of light therapy a day is enough to bring out good results.

How long will the Golite battery last?

Although it depends on your session length, you should get about 4 or 5 sessions for each charge.

Can You Use The Philips GoLite Blu Light While it is Charging?

Yes, the unit is fully operation while being charged.

How does the Philips GoLite Alarm Clock Work?

It is fully functioning, and has three modes. It can chime only, wake you up with light only, or awaken you with light and sound.

Are there Any Side Effects from the Philips Light Box?

Occasionally, headaches or nausea can occur, and are usually resolved by moving farther away from the blu light.

Is the Philips GoLite Portable Light Therapy Machine safe if you have an eye condition?

For permanent conditions, it is best to consult your doctor. For temporary conditions, wait until the condition has resolved itself.

Does the Philips Golite have Ultraviolet light?

No, none. It cannot cause a ‘sunburn’, and emits only UV light.

Will the LED lights burn out, and how long do they last?

It is unlikely they will burn out. If used for 30 minutes per day, they can last for 50 years.

The Reviews

The number one question is: Does it really work?

The good news is, people who bought the GoLITE BLU are generally very happy with the device and reviews of the Golite portable light box are very favorable. Even though a little skeptical at first, those afflicted by chronic fatigue and Seasonal Affected Disorder (SAD) have reported feeling better, while sufferers of jetlag and sleep disorders testify that there was definite progress in their sleeping patterns.

GoLite Blu Plus Porable Light BoxThe big problem may not be the effectivity of the light itself, but its accessories. The charger is big, bulky and heavy. Some functions can also be hard to find on the LCD touch screen so don’t lose the manual because some find it confusing to program. But, if that is the not enough to stop you and you want to feel better through the long winter, give it a try.  You may just feel like summer never ended, until you step outside anyway!

You can find out more and read all the buyer reviews of the Philips Golite Portable Light Therapy Here.

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