Playmobil Falcon Knights Castle Review

 Playmobil Falcon Knights Castle Review | Falcon Knights 4866 by Playmobil

The Playmobil Falcon Knights Castle 4866 is a complete kids castle set that offers a castle, soldiers, weapons, and all the extras in one box. And being Playmobile, the set is Playmobil Falcon Knights Castle setmade of hard resin plastic and designed for years of play.

The pieces are big enough for little ones to grip, and older children can follow the color instructions to build it or get creative and come up with new designs.

The best thing about Playmobil toys is quality. The sets are designed to hold up to abuse and last for years. They are also large. Kids can share the Falcon Knights castle with friends. There are enough accessories to share also.

No fancy electronics to worry about, just true imaginative play. Boys will love the fights they envision, and even girls enjoy castle play too.

Although the price tag may seem high, there are so few toys that last and can be enjoyed by kids so much as they grow.

Playmobil Falcon Knights Castle Features

  • Includes 222 pieces of walls and accessories
  • Castle pieces snap together with a peg design, but can be disassembled when needed
  • 4 Falcon knights and a horse
  • Drawbridge, trapdoor, break-out door, and fold away ladder
  • Full color instructions
  • Dimensions 23L x22W x14H inches
  • Made of hard resin for durability
  • Ages: 3-10 years

The Playmobile Falcon Knights Castle is nearly 2 foot by 2 foot, and designed to look like a stone castle. There is a drawbridge that goes up and down, a wall that breaks out if they need a quick escape, a rock wall and high tower, along with 4 Falcon knights, a horse, a working cannon and full battle gear.

Fold away stairs allow them to keep the enemy at bay. Flags, lanterns, ladders, trap doors and a tower treasure room or jail give the Falcon Knights Castle set an authentic battleground feel.

Playmobil Falcon Knights Castle Review Video

Playmobil Falcon Knights Castle Accessories

With 222 pieces in the Playmobil Falcon Knights Castle, many of them will be small accessories and weapons. Be aware of this if there will be children under 3 in the home.  Here is a general list of accessories included with the set.

  • 4 Knights with armor
  • 1 horse with armour
  • Rocking chair
  • 13 weapons for battle (spears, swords, axe’s, shields and more)
  • Treasure chest
  • Cannon with 2 bullets
  • Lanterns, flags, and ladders

    Playmobil Falcon Knights Castle Review

    Full Color Castle Assembly Instructions

Assembly of the Falcon Knights Castle Playset 4866

You do have to assemble this playset, but that is part of the fun. The pieces are large and snap together with a peg system. You can see full assembly instructions for all Playmobil sets on their web site. All instructions do require download.

See Falcon Knights Castle Instructions~ and enter 4866

Where to Buy Playmobil Falcon Knights Castle

You can buy Playmobil Falcon Knights Castle Here, and get free shipping. A large play set like the Falcon Knights Castle by Playmobile will be a gift that keeps giving for years to come.

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