Polly Pocket Stunt N Style Adventure Jet Plane

Polly Pocket Stunt N Style Jet | Polly Pocket Adventure Jet

The Polly Pocket Stunt N Style Adventure Jet from Mattel is a large purple plane for Polly Pocket fun. Girls can enjoy flying with extras like movies on the big screen TV, playing video games and this airplane even has it’s own hot tub in the second floor spa.

Polly Pocket Stunt N Style Adventure Jet Plane

Pilot Polly, who comes with the set, zips around on her skateboard and has fun on board too. She can stow away in the front of the plane for flights, and then when the plane lands and it’s opened up, it reveals all the accessories. Everything stows away on the plane for easy clean up.

Extras with this Polly jet plane include accessories for the hot tub, luggage, a large mirror, and a parachute set, which polly can use with the skydive launcher (looks like an umbrella) and launch off the plane.

Polly Pocket Stunt N Style Adventure Jet Features

  • Large Polly Pocket Adventure Jet
  • Has 2 stories
  • Includes a spa on the second floor with hot tub
  • Polly takes a dip in the hot tub & her suit changes colors
  • Pilot Polly includes a purse, pilots hat and skateboard
  • 2 reclining chairs, big screen TV and headphones
  • Lounge table with play video games
  • Food cart with accessories
  • Separate bathroom and kitchen areas
  • Elevator leads to second floor spa
  • Hot tub has working faucet
  • Hanging skydive launcher works with parachute for extra adventure
  • Includes Jet Plane, 1 Polly doll, accessories
  • Size: 18 x 5.5 x 14 inches
  • For ages 4 years and over

Overall, this is a great set for girls who love Polly Pockets. It gives them both another house, and another vehicle to play with. Toys like this last for years, and add to the fun when playing with their dolls.

Although the pieces are small, Polly Pockets are lots of fun for girls, just be careful if you have babies in your home. The nice thing about small pieces, though, is less space needed for toys.

Where to buy Polly Pocket Stunt N Style Adventure Jet Plane

You can buy Polly Pocket Stunt N Style Adventure Jet Plane Here and get free shipping. This toy airplane makes a great gift for girls who want to add to their Polly Pocket collections.

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