Remote Control Shark Balloon | Air Swimmer Flying Fish Shark

 Remote Control Shark Balloon | Air Swimmer Flying Fish Shark Review

The Remote Control Shark Balloon, aka the Air Swimmer flying fish, is not your every day great white shark. air swimmers flying fish sharkIt is a helium  filled rc balloon that is nearly 6 feet long, with a moving fin and tail. You can move it from up to 40 feet away, making it a very unexpected suprise to your friends. For kids and adults alike, a remote control helium filled shark is a fun way to play.

The Air Swimmer Flying Shark Balloon Toy has moving fins and tail, and can also turn a full 360 degrees. The company also makes a less terrifying Clownfish, as seen in the photos. Both of these rc blimp toys offer the same features and sizing as below.

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Features of the Air Swimmer Flying Fish RC Shark Balloon

Controller: Infrared remote controlled
Remote includes: Climb, descend, and tail and fin control – Move Around the House, up and down stairs
Range: Can go up to 40 feet from controller
Indoor flying shark or Clownfish – Not for use outside or near fans
Fills with helium-Lasts up to 2 weeks
Made from Nylon/Gentle on walls around house
Requires 4 AAA Batteries (1 in shark body and 3 in remote)

Helium – Refillable Disposable Helium Tank

You also do need helium. The Air Swimmers come with a putty to hold the helium in, so if you buy the Refillable Helium Tank Here, you should only need to top it off occasionally. Otherwise, running to a party supply store will certainly offer some attention!

Air Swimmer Flying Fish – Shark/Clownfish Manual & Instructions

Air Swimmers offer full online instructions, so you can see if it will work for you before you buy or if you lose them. You can view the Air Swimmers Remote Control Shark Balloon Instructions Here or Air Swimmers Clownfish Instructions Here. Be aware, this does take some patience in putting together. There are also online step by step instructional videos.

Remote Control Shark Balloon Air Swimmer Flying Fish Video

Dimensions of Air Swimmers Remote Control Shark & Clownfish

The Shark and Clownfish Flying Fish are the same size as below;

Product Dimensions: Length with fish tail: 57 inches
Height with fins: 36 inches

Shipping Weight: 1.2 pounds

Customer reviews of the Remote Control Flying Shark – Air Swimmer

Overall, reviewers enjoy this toy. It has been hard a hard toy to find, and on the manufacturers website, they have run out of stock after having record visitor days. It is so different, that it is just cool. A great white or clownfish flying around that is so large, is a new adventure for most rc enthusiasts.
Here are some reviews of the remote control shark balloon and what buyers had to say:

I have the shark and first off, it looks way cool. People who see it flying are intrigued and delighted. The only thing that could be improved would be the radio reception. Overall it is way fun though! hours of entertainment and soooo many great applications….read the complete review here

Overall, Reviewers rated this 3.5 stars out of 5 as an unusual Flying Shark Remote


The Remote Control Shark Balloon – Air Swimmer by X-Zylo is not your everyday toy. Something so unusual and unique is the kind of thing we all want to enjoy. This toy will attract attention where ever you take it! Whether you use it at parties, schools, or work, this great white flying shark toy will be a hit

It requires minimal maintenance, folds up when not in use, and is enjoyable for kids of all ages. But, there are some things we are not so sure of. Find out more below.

Although the RC remote on this takes some practice, if you have the space, you can move, climb and have the tail and fins flapping


The Air Swimmers shark toy received some good reviews, but not everyone was impressed by all the features. Some people felt that taking it for refills of helium was a hassle. Others thought it was too large, may escape outdoors, and would not be educational enough. Most were OK with this though, because they just want to play!

Lastly, the remote control range for the flying shark toy did not fully extend to 40 feet, but was still very fun. So, all in all, reviewers did not find it perfect, but enjoyed it just the same.


Remote Control Shark Balloon-Buy Before They Are Gone

You can buy the Air Swimmer Flying Fish – Remote Control Shark Balloon while supplies last. This item is in demand, so if you are buying for a present, we recommend an early purchase.

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