Rocking Elmo Toy | Let’s Rock Elmo Review

Rocking Elmo Toy | Let’s Rock Elmo Review

The new Rocking Elmo Toy from Hasbro, Let’s Rock Elmo, shows off Elmo’s rock and roll side, as he sports a black lightning bolt tee and rocking elmo review lets rocksings. This rock ‘n roll Elmo plays music and encourages everyone to join in on the fun. Elmo even sports good manners, saying please and thank you, perfect for toddlers.

The rocking Elmo toy sings songs, dances and interacts with musical instruments. He comes with a small microphone, drums, and a tambourine.

If your preschooler places an instrument in front of him, he will recognize it and use it. The neat thing is, Elmo’s instruments can be used by kids too, so they can be part of Elmo’s band.

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Features of the Rocking Elmo Singing Toy

            • Elmo with Black Tee
            • Includes Microphone, Tamborine and Drum Set
            • Interacts with and Recognizes Instrument
            • Kids can Use Instruments, Perfect for little hands
            • Says Phrases and Uses Manners
            • Sings 6 Songs
            • Kids age 18 months and up
            • Requires 6 AA Batteries -Temporary batteries included

Rock n Roll Elmo Doll Video

Rocking Elmo Toy Parts Included

Here is what is included when you Buy Rock n Roll Elmo;

Let’s Rock Elmo Doll – Soft and Fuzzy outside, firm inside, so not really for cuddles.

Microphone, Tambourine and Drum Set

6 AA Temporary Batteries


Size – How Big is Lets Rock Elmo?

Rocking Elmo doll is 15″ tall and 8″ wide
Shipping Weight: 4 pounds

Let’s Rock Elmo – Playing with Rocking Elmo Instruments

Play With Let’s Rock Elmo

Simply choose an instrument for Elmo to play and place it in front of him. He will recognize it and start jamming right away, in his squeaky and sweet style. He will sing songs and giggle and ask your child to join him, while singing and dancing around, he won’t forget to thank you for giving him the instrument.

Kids can also join Elmo using a different instrument to play on their own. All of Elmo’s instruments can be used by your child to have fun with or without Rocking Elmo.

Let’s Rock Elmo Guitar, Large Microphone and Keyboard Sold Separately

Rocking elmo toy instruments


Hasbro is also selling a guitar, a larger microphone and a keyboard separately. They are also instruments that Elmo can recognize and interact with and your child can play too. It is not necessary to buy the extra’s to enjoy Elmo, just makes the band bigger.

Let’s rock Elmo Songs He Sings

Rocking Elmo sings six songs. Here are some of them;

It takes two

Elmo’s world

What I like about you

Now I know my ABCs

Elmo likes to rock ‘n roll

Elmo also interacts with your child. He has various sayings and reinforces kindness and respect. He will tell your children they played great music and thank them for their help. While he sings, he has his mouth open wide, he shakes his body, laughs and has fun. He will motivate your child to do the same.

Buy Rocking Elmo Toy – Free Shipping Available

Buy Lets Rock Elmo Doll with Free Shipping and a great sale price now. You can find Rocking Elmo Toy Here.

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