SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop Review

SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop and XL Hoop Review

SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop Review

If you are looking for an indoor basketball hoop for your bedroom, home or office, the SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball hoop is an ideal choice. With a plexiglass backboard and a metal rim, this hoop will remind you of the NBA hoops, on a smaller scale. It goes up easily over the door, and can be mounted on a wall easily as well. SKLZ has made home and office basketball hoops a cut above, so we don’t have to rely on the Nerf hoops that just couldn’t take a beating. Here is the full SKLZ Pro Mini Hoop Review.

SKLZ Pro Mini XL hoop is the same hoop on a larger scale. Here is a breakdown of sizes between these hoops;

SKLZ Pro Mini Hoop includes a 18 x 12 inch backboard & a 9 inch basketball rim & 5″ Ball.

SKLZ Pro Mini XL Hoop includes a 23 x 16 inch backboard & a 9 inch basketball rim & 5.5″ Ball.

The average interior door is 32″ wide to help you determine size. For both sizes, the backboard is made of shatterproof polycarbonate and includes a spring-action breakaway rim made of metal. This allows for spring action as you dunk a ball, and helps the hoop to last longer because it is not as rigid. Of course, hanging from the hoop like you’re LeBron is still not recommended.

The hoop is foam padded so mom won’t have to worry quite so much about scraping paint. The flying ball can still leave wall marks and break things though, so choose your spot accordingly!

Dorm Room or Bedroom Basketball Hoops

Right now, the SKLZ Pro Mini Hoops are the best in their price range. For a simple way to keep the kids entertained and active, whether you want a playroom or bedroom basketball hoop,  you can’t go wrong with this one. Even makes a great hoop for dorm rooms. For toddlers or teens, it looks good and offers high quality at a very low price. The fact that it is totally portable means they can move it around outdoors when the weather is nice. They can throw hoops from the trampoline or pool by setting it up on a chair.

Office Basketball Hoops

If you are looking for an office basketball hoop, then this one is perfect in size and offers a more ‘grown-up’ look and feel. It is portable, but be aware that any hoop that goes over a door may not allow the door to close. You may consider wall mounting the hoop if that is an option.

Assembly Instructions for the SKLZ Pro Mini Hoop

If you mount it over the door, the only assembly is to attach the rim to the backboard, then attach the net to the rim. You can use the included wrench to attach the 3 screws and nuts. If you want a wall mounted hoop, you will need to buy the screws. It is a bit of a disappointment that they are not included, buy they will only cost a buck at the local hardware store.

Video Review of the SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop

SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop Review: A Look Inside the Box

The SKLZ hoop includes everything for mounting the basketball hoop on a door and the mini basketball. Be aware, you need to inflate the ball yourself. If you need wall mounting hardware, you would also need to purchase that. Make sure you do know what material you’ll be mounting to when you buy those, obviously going into drywall is different than going  into a stud.

Other Considerations Before Buying a SKLZ Pro Mini Hoop

No indoor basketball hoop is perfect, and here are some things to consider before buying the SKLZ Mini Hoop. Anytime you play outdoor sports indoors, well, there are risks. Install in a safe location, and make sure there are no breakables. Rough play may still cause some scratching to the door. The ball can leave scuff marks if it hits the right way. The ball on this on is hard also, so investing in something softer like a nerf ball may be worthwhile, not only to protect the walls, but to minimize noise. Having multiple balls is a good idea anyway.

Also, after installing over a door, the door may not fully close if it is snug fitting. If this is the case, it can always be removed when not being used.

Even though this is technically an indoor basketball hoop, playing a game of hoops with it can be as fun as if you were playing outside. The mechanisms and make of the rims allow you to perfect your dunks without worrying about destroying the hoop, and it is very easy to assemble—all you have to do is mount the hoop over a wall or a door at home. With a shatter-proof backboard, you can also ensure that you are getting high quality material that will last you for years, making sure that your child will be able to enjoy playing with it for as long as he likes.

SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop Review: A Conclusion

It is clear from this SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop review that the SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop is one of the good presents that you can give your kids to stay active all year. Not only will it help him hone his basketball skills regularly, he can even do it from the comfort of his very own home. No longer will you have to be worried about what time he is coming home from playing hoops in the park—you get to watch him play his best game indoors! With such a great package, one can be sure that he or she is getting good value for money, with everything already being provided for to make basketball practice fun and rewarding.

That being said, the SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop is highly recommended to any family that has a male member who enjoys basketball and does not want to go to faraway places to enjoy it.

Find out more about the SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop Here & the SKLZ Pro Mini XL Basketball Hoop Here.

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