SKLZ Pro Mini Replacement Ball for SKLZ Pro Mini Hoop

SKLZ Pro Mini Replacement Ball- 5″ for the SKLZ Pro Mini or XL Basketball Hoop

If you own the SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop and are looking for a replacement ball, you can use just about any mini basketball as a spare. They sell a spare 5 inch ball that can be used with the hoop, but there are other great options as well.

Although I really like the SKLZ ball, and my son needed it to dribble, which at 8 years old is very important, there are other balls that are great too in a 5″ size. For dribbling though, you do need need the real thing.

Junior Sportball or Any Foam Basketball

But, for fun, if you can find anything soft such as a nerf ball, they are nice for times when the play needs to be quieter. Also, if you have a toddler in the house, the softer ball is a must.

Having extra balls on hand is really a very good thing for multiplayer games. All balls purchased that are mailed will arrive deflated, so be prepared with an air pump handy. You do not need anything fancy, a manual pump will work fine, just make sure it includes a nozzle for the ball.

I purchased the Poof ball with my SKLZ hoop and it is about the same size as the SKLZ ball, but a little less hard. So, together, they work fine. I have found that both balls can leave a mark if they hit right, so be aware of this.  But, it is well worth it. My son has so much energy, I am happy he is moving and enjoying it.

Small Basketball Hand Pump

Simple, small, and convenient, if you don’t already own one, get a portable hand pump that includes the needle in the handle. We like the Mikasa DAP Dual Action Hand Pump. This one gives you air in both directions when pumping, so you get the job done faster. Keeps the job simple.

Also, see our SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop Review, to see all the great features of this hoop.

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