Smokey The Talking Fire Truck Review

Smokey The Talking Fire Truck Review | Matchbox Smokey The Fire Truck

Smokey the Talking Fire Truck is a new addition to Mattel’s Big Rig Buddies toys. Much like Stinky the Garbage truck from 2010, the Matchbox Smokey Truck is a singing, water ball throwing and interactive fire truck for boys three and over.

Smokey The Talking Fire Truck ReviewOne of the fun features Smokey includes is a full face. He sports windshield eyes, a bumper mouth that curves and moves up and down, blue headlight cheeks, and the front grill nose that crinkles as he talks. These all combine to make interaction more fun. He has 6 extra big wheels, 2 of which can rise up, giving him the ability to stand on his back four tires.

Smokey also says silly things, makes animal noises, and even has firetruck ‘gas’ which kids of course will love!


Smokey The Talking Truck With 3 Ways to Play

When Smokey is on all 6 wheels, he is a firetruck with lights and sounds. He can be rolled around and played with in this mode as a firetruck that will shout out phrases and move his front wheels out like arms.

His headlights and mouth will move as he’s played with. He senses movement with the sensors in his tires, so he will interact as a child get’s near.

MatchBox Smokey Fire Engine Singing & Dancing

If your child moves the lever on his side half way to lift him up onto four wheels, he appears to have arms and goes into singing and dancing mode.

With his mouth open, songs playing and his front tires moving around like arms, he is really quite a site. This mode randomly picks from a selection of four different songs, which play in short bursts.

Talking Smokey with Water Cannons

Now, moving the lever all the way down, Smokey the Taking Fire Truck is ready to put out fires with the water cannon. He will talk in positive phrases and say he’s thirsty as your child loads the cannons and pulls the lever to shoot. There are 3 water ball cannon’s included, and they can all be loaded at one time. They do not use real water.

After the cannons are shot out, Smokey may do a victory dance and sing.


Matchbox Smokey the Talking Fire Truck Video Review

Features of Smokey The Talking Truck

  • Smokey has 3 ways to play
  • Roll as a firetruck, stand up and sing, and up high to battle fires with water cannons
  • Lights, Sounds & Levers – Easy for kids to change play mode
  • Includes push and play buttons to activate sounds
  • Smokey talks, sings and dances
  • Smokey has a sleep mode and will snore
  • Smokey includes 90 phrases and sounds
  • Movement sensors in his tires – Comes to life as kids come near
  • For indoor use only
  • Note: Smokey has no ladder or fire hoses
  • 4 C ‘temporary’ batteries included

Overall, Smokey the Fire Truck from Matchbox is a fun way for young boys to play. They will enjoy the interactive toy, and it makes individual play much more fun. Be aware that that this talking fire truck is very well packaged, and may take a while to remove from it’s carton.

Where to Buy Smokey The Talking Fire Truck

You can buy Smokey the Talking Truck Here with free shipping. He is a great gift idea for young boys who will love the interaction from this toy.


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