Snap Circuits 300 Review

Snap Circuits 300 Review | Snap Circuits SC-300 in 1 | Electronic Snap Circuits for Kids

Snap Circuits 300 is an educational kit for kids you can feel good about giving. The Snap Circuits SC-300 Electronics kit includes 60 pieces and snap circuits 300 review300+ projects, allowing your children to safely create electrical circuits and learn how electricity flows, while creating fun experiments. All of the pieces, such as snap wires, transistors, and resistors, easily snap onto the base grid. 

Electronic Snap Circuits for kids are a great alternative to a “toy”, and is an educational science kit that allows kids to be creative.

Snap Circuits 300-in-1 includes 60 Color coded parts that snap together, and full color instructions that kids 8 and over can follow on their own. All of the pieces are clearly marked to make creating circuits simple. Younger children enjoy creating these science experiments too, and just need some help to complete them. The electrical components are encased in plastic and larger in size, so they are easy for little hands to handle.


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Features of the Snap Circuits 300 Electronic Learning Kit

  • Create real electronic circuits – no tools needed
  • 60 plastic snap together pieces
  • 300 Projects and 5 Bonus Projects (require additional kits)
  • Enjoy building doorbells, motion detectors, alarms, and sirens
  • Award winning educational toy
  • Requires 4 AA Batteries – Or use the battery eliminator for Snap Circuits
  • Ages 8 and Up

Snap Circuits 300-in-1 Instructions Manual – View Online

Elenco Electronics, Inc offers wonderful full color manuals with their Snap Circuits sets. If you would like to view the Snap Circuits Instructions Manual online, see the Snap Circuits SC-300 Manual Here.

Snap Circuits 300 Electronic Project Kit Comparison

Which Elenco electronics kit is right for you? Snap Circuits offers kits in a variety of sizes. Here is a simple comparison to see which electronic Snap Circuits kits will be just right for your family.

Snap Circuits Kit Comparison









Snap Circuits 300 Parts & Projects

Electronic Snap Circuits SC-300 parts and projects – Here is the fun stuff. What they can create and what comes with the kit. Although this is not a full list, here is an overview of what you will get with these electronic circuit kits.

Some of the 30 parts included with the SC-300 Snap Circuits Electrical Set:

  • MicrophoneSnap Circuits 300
  • Green Light Emitting Diode
  • Power Amplifier Circuit
  • High Frequency Circuit
  • LED lighting
  • Snap Wires
  • Resistors
  • Antenna Coil

Using these electronic parts, kids can form electrical circuits. Here are some of the Snap Circuit 300 projects you can make:

  • Spacey Fan
  • Space War Sounds
  • Blowing Fan
  • Touch Buzzer
  • Radio Music Alarm
  • Salt Water Detector
  • Screaming Fan
  • Hissing Foghorn…and many more fun projects.

Many of the projects build upon each other. So, kids see how removing one component can change an electrical circuit.

The video below is a great overview of how the Snap 300 Kit makes simple experiments, and how your kids can then learn to make their own creations with the knowledge of electrical circuits that Snap Circuits electrical kits can give them.

Snap Circuits Review Video-Simple Fun

Dimensions of Snap Circuits 300 Electrical Kit

  • Product Dimensions: 2.3 x 13.6 x 19.3 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 3.2 pounds

Snap Circuits SC-300 Customer Reviews

Most kids and parents really love this educational science kit. People felt good about giving electronic snap kits as gifts, and kids loved to create circuits. Buyers of the Snap Circuits 300 kit were happy with the concise instruction manual, the size of the pieces, and the overall quality. Many adults learned more about circuits than they even knew, so they learned as they played.

Parents were surprised how quickly kids picked up on these electrical concepts when creating them hands on. Overall, reviewers were very satisfied with this toy purchase.

Here are some reviews of the Snap circuits 300 and what buyers said:

My 5 year old son has an interest in how things work and likes to “experiment.” We go this as a first step toward learning about electricity, and it has not disappointed……read the complete review here

What parent today doesn’t lament that they just don’t make toys like they used to? Toys break prematurely, they underdeliver on their promise of fun, and they simply don’t engage kids like the stuff we grew up with. Not Snap Circuits!
I ordered this for my six-year-old son and we’ve loved every second of playing with this educational toy.
What makes it stand out?…..see more reviews here

Overall, Reviewers rated this 5 stars out of 5 Stars – Great Science Circuit Kit


The best features of a Snap Circuits 300 kit include the following:

  • Snap Circuits electronic kits are educational
  • Very easy instructions
  • Parts are encased, no loose wires
  • Circuits can be modified and kids can get creative with their experiments
  • Plastic encased pieces easily snap onto base
  • Great way to bring out the “electrical engineer” in your child
  • Excellent alternative to soldering for kids
  • Projects from simple to challenging
  • Add on kits to upgrade without purchasing a new kit


The Snap Circuits 300 kit for kids is a great educational set, but nothing is perfect. Although this toy received very high reviews, some people did feel that the instruction manual did not go into enough detail about why the circuits worked. For many other parents, this was a great opportunity for them to learn with their kids.

The other complaint Snap Circuits 300 received was that although it included 300 projects, many were just slight variations of the prior project. The real number of ‘unique’ science experiments would be closer to 150. We also found this to be true, but consider these slight changes to be part of the learning process. Removing or adding an element is really what helps a child to understand why a change in the circuit occurred. In that regard, it is all in how you see it!

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