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Snap Circuits Green Review | Snap Circuits Green Alternative Energy Kit # SCG-125

A Snap circuits review of the Snap Circuits Green Alternative Energy Kit by Elenco. This electric circuit kit is not only educational for Snap Circuits Green Kitkids, but it is fun to play and made to last.

Rather than invest in another toy that may sit on a shelf, this green electricity science kit will teach your kids how to build a green energy circuit.

While they learn about it, you’re provided with a nice opportunity to discuss the environment, and why alternative energy sources are so important to our future. The Snap Circuits alternative energy kit lets you learn together, while amazing them with what they can build themselves.

Snap Circuits are plastic and color-coded, and made larger in size for easier handling. The pieces simply snap onto a main base plate, and the instructions are very easy to follow, showing every experiment in full color, with each piece easily identified. This helps kids to do the science projects on their own, especially if they are 8 and over.

The completed project forms an electrical circuit. Your kids can enjoy experiments like solar fans, windmills, and rechargeable batteries, all without every coming into contact with the wires soldering, or using tools.

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Features of the Snap Circuits Green Energy Edition

  • Teach your kids about Green Energy
  • Includes 125 plus bonus projects
  • Color Instruction manual and a 22 page educational manual (alternative energy)
  • 4 7 pieces– color coded and snap into place
  • Use pieces with any Snap Circuits Kit
  • Kids age 8 and up or younger with help

Snap Circuits Green Alternative Energy Instructions Manual

One of the nicest things about Snap Circuits science kits is that the company, Elenco, makes the full color instruction manuals available online. So, should you happen to lose yours or just want to see more about these kits are all about, you can see the  Snap Circuits Green Alternative Energy Instructions Manual Here.

Snap Circuits – What You Get



Snap Circuits Alternative Energy Kit-47 Parts-Here are some:

  • FM Radiosnap circuits green energy
  • Wind fan
  • Water wheel
  • Clock
  • Horn
  • Projects
  • Solar cell
  • Hand crank

Snap Circuits Energy Kit SCG-125 Projects Include:

  • Battery load current
  • Wind charger with light
  • Cola light
  • Windy radio
  • Crank charging
  • Morse code
  • Clock with memory
  • Hybrid car concept

Snap Circuits Green Alternative Energy Video

Shipping Dimensions of Green Snap Circuits

  • Product Dimensions: 16 x 12 x 2.5 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 2.7 pounds

The box for Snap Circuits Green also organizes the pieces and keeps everything where it should be until they are ready to play.

Customer reviews of the Snap Circuits Green Kit

Overall, reviewers Love this toy. Not only were they impressed with the educational aspect, but their kids wanted to build more circuits. It became a family favorite for ages 5 and up, and parents were very happy to see their kids enjoying the Snap Circuits Green kit, because they could learn so much from it.

Here are some reviews of the Snap circuits Green kit and what buyers had to say:

I ordered this toy for my son. Not only does he learn how energy can change its form from one state to another, he is learning what is a circuit and what does it take to make it work. He is also creating his own circuit now. And I am learning…read more here

Seriously, I have a 5 year old, so many toys have been purchased in his lifetime, and this is the best one. Not only is it extremely educational, but it keeps his attention, he can do it on his own, the parts are very easy to snap together and the instructions are simple enough for him to follow…read more here

Overall, Reviewers rated this 4.8 stars out of 5 as a great educational toy to buy


The Alternative energy kit by Snap Circuits brought out their kids creativity and curiosity, at just about any age. They found their kids were proud of their creations and wanted to make more. And they were pleased to be learning more about green power themselves.
Kids are encourage to be creative with electrical circuits, and Snap Circuits even offers to display their name with a unique project idea on their website if theirs is selected.


So far, it was really a stretch to find complaints. What we did find was that some parents felt the hand crank was too hard for a child to manage on their own. If you use too much force, it can cause it to pull away from the base, and the project won’t work right.

Also, a lot of sun is necessary to really play with the solar cells, so it would not be a great rainy day project. But, this is a learning experiment in and of itself.

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