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Remote Controlled Snap Circuit Rover Review

Snap Circuit Rover – Review of the Rover Deluxe Car, Rover RC and the Snap Circuits Rover Upgrade. All kids love playing with remote snap circuit rover rc carcontrolled cars, and Snap Circuits Rover RC and Deluxe add a new twist – they can build it themselves with a working circuit board.

The best part is, they will be able to use the simple snap together circuits, which are encased in plastic, to do it. No exposure to any wires, no soldering required. They will be learning about electronics and how electric circuits work, while having fun. The Rover has the working electrical circuit sitting on the top, so they can explain how they made it themselves.

Once they have built the Snap Rover SCROV-10 car, they can use the remote control to steer it, with left and right controls. It’s not made for high speed chases (it moves slowly), but the kit comes with over 20 modifications to the style, including these Snap Circuits RC Rover Designs:

Night Rover
Remote control Rover
Backwards Rover
Two-Sound Rover
Morse Code
Water Detector
Night Sound Rover

These are all modifications to the original Rover and all the parts are included to modify the car and experiment.


Snap Circuits RC Rover vs Snap Circuits Deluxe Car vs Snap Circuits Rover Upgrade Kit

snap circuits rover comparison chart1




Snap Rover, Snap Circuit Rover Deluxe, and Snap Upgrade Kit

Snap Rover Car (SCROV-10) Kit is the base Rover Kit-You can see it Here.

Snap Rover Deluxe (SCROV-50) Kit is the Upgrade kit over the SCROV-10 that includes more such as disc shooter, digital voice recorder and playback, lighted wheels, and music sounds generator. It includes both the Snap Rover RC Car and the Snap Rover Upgrade Kit. You can see it Here.

Snap Upgrade Kit (UC-90) convert the Snap Rover Car (SCROV-10) to the Snap Rover Deluxe (SCROV-50). See it Here.


Snap Circuit Rover Review Video


Snap Circuits Rover RC Kit–What’s Included

37 electrical pieces

Plastic rover body

Base grid and moving gears

Over 23 project ideas

LED lights with red and blue side

Sound Effects

Race up to 3 Rovers at once

Remote control-handheld

Plastic treaded wheels

Complete color instructions

All the parts such as Rover body, snap wires, capacitor, resistor, jumper wires, slide switch, and motor gears

Ages 8 and Over (or younger with help)

Requires six AA batteries /one 9-volt battery (not included)


Snap Circuit Rover Instructions Manual Online

The full color instructions make it easy for even younger kids to follow on their own. Kids aren’t left needing your help, they can independently create the Rover. The colors in the instructions match the colors of the item they need, very simple. The pieces are easy to handle and snap together. And kids are able to quickly understand how electrical circuits work, and enjoy manipulating them and getting creative. Science toys like Snap Circuits have made that possible.

See the Snap Circuits Rover full online instruction manuals as follows in PDF form from the manufacturer:

Snap Circuits Rover SCROV-10 full online instruction

Snap Circuits Rover SCROV-50  full online instruction

Where to Buy Snap Circuits Rover, Deluxe Rover or Rover Upgrade

You can find out more about Snap Circuits Rover RC Kits Here. It is a great idea to read reviews before you buy, and find out if it is right for your kids.

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