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Spy Car Video Camera | Kids TRAKR Remote Control Spy Car with Camera

If your kids want to be spies, or just have sisters to bug, a spy car video camera with remote control could just be a dream come true. And the spy car video camera for kidsSpy Gear Video TRAKR car has proven itself to be a reliable toy, as well as high functioning color video camera for kids 8 and up.

The TRAKR video car is a wireless remote controlled spy car with a video monitor mounted to it. The controller has an LCD screen that allows you, holding the wireless remote control, to see and hear everything in its range as it moves. You can safely stay clear of obstacles in your path as you maneuver this spy car video camera. It even has night vision capabilities.

It may not be your best choice if you work for the FBI, but for having fun with friends, it can make for hours of fun. And unlike may spy toys, this remote control spy car with camera has received much praise for it’s durability and quality.

It includes rugged all terrain tires, a break away antenna for maneuvering under furniture, and is easy to control. You can see great discount sale prices on the Spy Car Video Camera Here.

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Features of the Spy Gear Remote Control Spy Car Video Camera

  • High Quality RC Vehicle
  • Color Video Recording
  • Remote Control with LCD Display
  • View video in real time
  • Full Sound with Microphone and Speaker
  • Antenna and adjustable video lens
  • Night Vision to 6 feet
  • Customization with hundreds of App’s
  • App’s Available Free or make your own
  • Built in Apps – Cyborg Vision, Night Vision, and Path Mapper
  • Compatible with Mac (OSX) Windows (XP, Vista, Windows 7) & USB Required
  • Frequency 2.4 GHZ
  • Viewing Range – Up to 150 feet
  • Use an SD Card for Storage (not included)
  • Kids age 8 and up
  • Requires 10 AA Batteries (6 in car & 4 for remote) Not Included

Spy Gear Kids Video Car Manual & Instructions

Spy Gear offers full online instruction in PDF format if you would like to see how the RC Spy Car Video Camera works. You can view the Spy Gear TRAKR Instruction Manual Here.

Spy Car Video Camera Parts Included

spy car video camera


App’s for the Kids Spy Car

There are a selection of App’s available online for the Spy Video Camera car. You can even build your own. Currently, you get three app’s, and can grab about 40 online at Spy Gear Here. These are similar to iphone app’s, and programmed to allow your spy car video camera to do all remote control spy carkinds of fun things. They are also rated, so you know how good they really are. If you are computer savvy, making your own app’s right online at Spy Gear is also an option. You can then load them to the site to share.

Here are a few available for free:

  • Speedometer
  • Bubblegum Vision
  • Cyborg Vision
  • Piggybank Guard
  • Monster Tracker
  • Aprilfool
  • Gotcha
  • Around the Earth

Be creative and have some fun, with this neat opportunity to make your own app’s for your video spy car.

Kids Spy Video Camera Video

Dimensions of TRAKR Kids Video Car

  • Product Dimensions: 12 x 10 x 5 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 3.8 pounds

A nice sized remote controlled vehicle, and pretty light considering it has a video monitor on top of it.

Customer reviews of the Snap Circuits Green Kit

Overall, reviewers really enjoyed this toy video car. Kids and adults alike said it was a well built spy car, the camera functioned well, and the apps were a nice add on. Most were impressed how easy it was to get out of the box, turn on, and start to use. Kids easily moved it with the remote control, and were spying and playing with this spy car camera in no time.

Here are some reviews of the Snap circuits Green kit and what buyers had to say:

This is a toy that really attracts kids in the 7 to 9 age group. It is a ruggedly constructed toy with many options. It is easy to control, and any kid who plays video games has no problems driving it…..read the complete review here

We bought this for my 9-year-old son for Christmas. It seems very well put together. He’s had a lot of fun with it. We added apps from the manufacturer web site. He was able to add them after I found the web site, which took a bit of searching…but after that it was easy. The video quality…..see more reviews here

Overall, Reviewers rated this 4.5 stars out of 5 as a fun spy video car toy to buy


The spy car video camera by Spy Gear is a well designed remote control car with some neat add-ons, and kids and adults are enjoying it. Parents really liked that their kids could control it right away, were able to use in day or night, could store video on SD card, and that it has a nice range. Some said the range is less inside, but most could get 75 or more feet, even indoors.

The tires can move on almost any indoor surface with ease, and the car comes assembled, so it went together in minutes. Although it uses a number of batteries, life was pretty good for most, lasting anywhere from 6 to 8 hours.


The TRAKR Spy Car Video Camera received great reviews, but not everyone was pleased. Some of the most common complaints were the number of batteries it takes (we recommend rechargables), it may interfere with indoor electronics such as phones and wireless internet, and some felt it was too loud to be a spy vehicle, on a hard surface you could hear it coming.

Also, the video quality will be average, but this is a toy remember! So, overall, most who complained still gave it a high rating for being unique, fun, keeping their kids entertained, and being high quality.

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