Spy Net Video Watch – Review of The Kids Spy Watch

Spy Net Video Watch Review 

spy net watchIf you have a child that dreams of being a secret agent then the Spy Net Video Watch is the gift for them. This watch is going to be one of the best new gadgets for boys and girls between the ages of eight and fourteen. The many features and the level of quality included will surprise you. Especially when you compare this toy to other kids spy products.

Besides for just telling time (which is just a cover-up anyway), the watch that comes with the spy kit has a real working video camera built into the side, and even a microphone. The video can record for about 20 minutes, and the microphone can record for about 4 hours. So big sisters, you better watch out, because your new little brother turned secret spy will be watching you.

Main Features of the Spy Net Video Watch

  • Has a video camera & microphone
  • Records video, audio and pictures
  • Records 2 hours of audio
  • 2000 still photos with time lapse (ie; every 5 seconds)
  • 20 minutes of video
  • Video Resolution is 320 x 240
  • Built-in 1.4 TFT screen for recorded video and live playback
  • Onboard Memory
  • Download missions from www.SpyNetHQ.com – Requires adult help
  • Includes rechargeable battery (lithium) and USB cable

Spy Net Video Watch Recording Features

You can also take still photographs and time-lapse shots. You will be amazed at the actual recording playback which is really greatspy net video watch considering how small this recorder is. Another amazing feature is the ability of the Spy Net Video Watch to detect when a person is lying.

How can it do that? The stress level in their speech is analyzed and it can detect if a person is lying or telling the truth. You will need to first get someone to answer a question truthfully, and then it can analysis if further questioning is truthful or not. Your kids will have a blast playing spy with their friends or even on their own.

Another great attribute is the voice altering capability. The function can turn ones speech from an old man to a young one or even a girl into a boy. It can also turn a grown up into a kid. This is something your child will never grow tired of. Some more highlights are being able take up to two thousand pictures.

Video of the Video Spy Watch with Features


Charging and Data on the Spy Video Watch

You charge your spy net watch by using a USB battery charger which comes with the system. It only takes a couple of hours to charge your spy net watch. In all this is a great gift idea for boys and girls too. If this is not on your Christmas list then it should be.

You also do not have to worry about losing any data because the watch comes with a failsafe memory feature. Like many electronics you might have some problems with stalling. If this happens you can fix this by simply pressing down on the reset button on the side of the watch.

How Long does the Spy Net Watch Stay Charged?

spy net video tapingThis watch uses lithium batteries, which recharge via the USB cable on the computer. It will hold an active charge for about 5 hours of recording time. It only takes a matter of minutes to recharge, so it can be fully recharged as you are removing the days shots.

Appropriate Age Range of this Spy Watch?

The age range from the manufacturer is 8 to 14 years old. Be aware that it does require the use of a computer and USB cord to remove the footage. This will be something most kids who are 11 and under may need help with. If they want to check out the Spy Net site and download missions, they would also need help.

Of course, this time with your kids is a good thing. but, older kids who can do these things independently will likely get more out of this video watch.

Accessories; Spy Net Flex Neck Snake Cam

A simple bendable neck for your Spy Net, this connects to the Spy Net Video Watch. It enables you to get aroud closed doors and sharp corners. No more worrying about obstacles. You can watch the images\video it is shooting as it happens, right on the watch.

It can also be a simple webcam for your computer. A need addition for around $30.

Record video and capture photos above, under and around any obstacles in your way. See live images of your surveillance on the Video Watch’s screen. Save your evidence or upload to SpyNetHQ.com and build your case. Also works as a web-cam for your computer (PC only). USB cable and adaptor, included. Ages 8+.

You can see The Spy Net Flex Cam Here

Should You Buy the Spy Net Video Watch

Buy your kids something that they will actually get some enjoyment out of. Kids don’t want to get socks or underwear for Christmas. Give them a gift that they will spend hours playing with. Even if your child has never heard of this device, buy it anyway because I guarantee that your child will love it. Spying is just plain fun!

You can see the Spy Net Video Watch Here

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