Step2 Extreme Coaster Review

Step2 Extreme Coaster – Review of Step2 Extreme Roller Coaster

Step2 Extreme Coaster – A fun backyard roller coaster for older children who are looking for a thrill. This review of the Step 2 Extreme coaster will explain why your kids and their friends will love having their own backyard toy roller coaster.

Step2 has made a small roller coaster for little ones and toddlers for years. It delighted them with a small ride on car and a gentle and safe drop. But, once they reached the age of 4 or 5, they needed something to play that was more daring.

The extreme was brought along to bring the same fun to children who need more challenge, and includes a steeper track, to build up speed, without the need for a battery or any power. It may work indoors if you have a very large space, such as an open carpeted basement, but is an ideal play set for backyard fun.

Like being on a real roller coaster at home, kids who are 4-8 years olds will have the most popular backyard in the neighborhood. The plastic resin construction helps the Step2 Extreme Roller Coaster to last for years to come and grow with your kids.

Features of the Step2 Extreme Roller Coaster

  • A full 9 feet of colorful track, lets them build up just the right amount of speed
  • Steps molded into track for easy access to top
  • Roller coaster is 30″ high and has safety rails
  • Roller coaster Ride On Car includes handgrips and high seatback
  • Coaster car also has footrest to keep feet off the ground
  • Ideal age 5-8 years old
  • Weight limit of 75 lbs
  • Made of Plastic Resin
  • Measures 30.5″W x 132.75″L x 40.75″H with assembled weight of 79 lbs

The Step 2 Extreme Roller Coaster is designed to grow with your kids, and will last for many years with solid resin construction. It can be used outdoors any time of year, although the small wheels on the ride on car were not meant to travel through mud or snow. It is even versatile enough to come indoors for the winter if you have a large space.

It offers great exercise for the kids, and no batteries to contend with.

How to use the Step2 Extreme Coaster

This roller coaster is easy to use. Kids walk up the steps in between the car tracks, and push the car to the end of the track where it locks in place. The wheels fall into grooves, you can see those at your right. Then, the child can jump in and stays securely in place until he pushes off with the side handles and moves down the track. It’s that easy.

Step2 Extreme Roller Coaster Video

Step2 Extreme Coaster Reviews from Buyers

Here are some real reviews taken from buyers who have the Step2 Extreme Coaster. You can click through to read more.

This is the best toy ever! I have 5 grandsons who can attest that I am the coolest “Nana” ever to have a roller coaster in my backyard. We do have a good incline so they get an extra long ride for their turn. Sometimes we have the others race the coaster….read more Here.

I purchased this for my three grand nephews as a Christmas surprise. It was a really big hit! The boys range in age from 6 to 3 years old. One child has special needs and its pure pleasure watching him figure out how to push the car up the ramp and then sit down. His father barely… the rest of the review here.

Step2 Extreme Roller Coaster Pros

The fact that this toy will last for so many years, through all of your kids or grand kids is definitely a plus. The kids powered Step 2 Extreme Coaster is  a great way to get your kids moving and enjoying a toy they can share with others. It is light enough to move around, yet simple enough to appeal to young and older kids, whether boys or girls. If you have kids under 10, they will likely love playing with this roller coaster toy.

Step 2 Extreme Roller Coaster Cons

Like all things, the Extreme kids coaster is not perfect. Although it is well constructed, there were complaints of the tires, which are resin, on the ride on car wearing down with time. The color will also fade with time, especially if left outdoors.

Some felt it took too long to put together, and the instructions were not clear. And of course, this is a big and costly toy. So, although it does have some draw backs, it is overall a fun and healthy way for kids to play, and a roller coaster in the backyard, well for most kids, that is just a dream come true!

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