Toddler Travel Bed Rails | Portable Bed Rails for Kids


Portable and Inflatable Toddler Travel Bed Rails

If you travel with a toddler, having a portable bed rail handy for all their movement helps everyone sleep better. Rather than risk them toddler travel bed railsfalling out of an unfamiliar bed, you can use a portable rail as you need it, either on both sides of a bed or only one. Toddler travel bed rails are inflatable or foam, so they are soft and don’t take up much room.


Platform Bed or No Boxspring – A Portable Bed Rail Can Help

If you have a platform bed, king or queen bed, or even a bed which has no box spring, using a portable bed rail allows you to protect them easily. Regular bed rails need to attach to the bed or mattress in some way. A foam or inflatable toddler bed rail can be used at home also, to keep them safe, without any need for a long set up. To use a portable bed rail for kids, simply slip it under the sheet or mattress pad.

Here are some portable bed rails for toddlers by size.

Foam Bed Rails for Any Size Bed

Inflatable Bed Rails for King or Queen Size Beds

Inflatable Bed Rails for Toddler, Twin or Double Beds

So, if your bed type prevents you from using a traditional toddler bed railing, an inflatable or foam bed rail can easily do the job of keeping your kids safely in the bed, and it looks nice too!


The Biggest Benefits of a Toddler Portable Bed Rail

  • Very Lightweight, can take a portable bed rail with you.
  • Inflatable bed rails fold up for air travel.
  • Travel bed rails are made of soft materials to protect them, no metals.
  • Washable with soap and water.
  • Works with any bed type, including platform beds, king, queen, twin beds, or beds with no boxspring.
  • Easy removal for Sheet Changes
  • No Assembly required to use it.

Inflatable and Foam Travel Bed Rails-How They Work

Both inflatable and foam portable rails work the same. You may be thinking that the rail itself would fall off the bed, but the best way to use them is to slip them under the fitted sheet or mattress pad. There, they stay firmly in place, are not as noticable, and can easily be moved around as needed. If your kids should happen to sit or step on them, they will take it.

Inflatable bed rails will need to be blown up, which will require a mini pump, which is included in most models. These work great when you will travel and need something to fold up neatly in the car or your luggage.

Foam travel bed rails are perfect for traveling, as they are lightweight, but obviously, you cannot fold them, so air travel would be much more difficult. But, they would not require any air pump, slip them under the sheet or mattress pad and it is ready to protect them. If you have a platform bed or no boxspring as mentioned above, this is a perfect home use toddler bed rail. For vehicle trips, a foam kids bed rail is a very good option. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

You can see a full selection of inflatable toddler travel bed rails as well as foam portable bed rails for kids, to find the foam or inflatable style that will work best for you. A simple solution to a problem when traveling with kids. Amazon has a nice selection with many styles offering free shipping Here.

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