Tonka Ricochet RC Review A Toy for Boys

Tonka Ricochet RC Review: A Must-Have Toy for Boys

Tonka Ricochet Car Grey Boys will always be boys. With them, everything has to be rough and tough, thrilling and action-packed. That’s why boys have found the Tonka Ricochet RC very appealing.

Boys of all ages, both young and the young at heart, have found this super cool remote-controlled gadget a toy that they cannot simply live without.

RC Toys for the Boys

Perfect for playing, as suggested by a Tonka Ricochet RC Review, this stunt vehicle is truly worth keeping for any kid, collector or toy enthusiast.

Using a high power motor, the Tonka Ricochet RC vehicle makes a pretty good run and shows no difficulty in maneuvering across a rough and complex terrain. Whether it’s a concrete pavement, a dirt lawn or a rocky driveway, this little beauty can run across any path, thanks to its highpowered engine.

Unlike other RC cars that are assembled and designed to be a tad bit more delicate, the Tonka Ricochet RC vehicle was created with amazing stunt tricks in mind. Users don’t have to worry about hitting or bumping the Tonka Ricochet RC vehicle, because it’s really meant for a bumpy terrain. Just take a look at its big knobby tires that can handle any serious terrain effortlessly. It’s really built for a tough and wild ride.

Moreover, according to a Tonka Ricochet RC Review, another amazing thing about this stunt car is that it can still determine its orientation and drive upside down. During heated racing competitions, it’s not unusual for remote-controlled cars to flip and topple over once it hits another vehicle or an object. Instead of going all the way to the car to fix it, users only have to toggle the toy’s monster-truck setting and it will automatically drive back to the owner.

Tonka Ricochet Remote Controlled Car Video

What You’ll Love About This Little Monster

Tonka Ricochet Car Red Here are some things that you should look out for when driving and playing with the RC vehicle according to a Tonka Ricochet RC Review:

  • Watch it transform into a monster truck. Kids would surely love having their own vehicle that morphs from being a speedster into an elevated monster-sized rig in just a matter of seconds. Use the easier to control mode in flat and easy to navigate landscapes. On the other hand, if you’re more of the “off road” type, then simply transform the Tonka Ricochet RC vehicle using its “Monster Lift” feature. All it takes is just a click of a button.
  • Twist it good. While old school cars of this type can only turn using its front wheels, the Tonka Ricochet RC vehicle can twist its body. Given its body structure, which allows for a low center of gravity and central weight distribution, the Tonka Ricochet RC vehicle can easily respond and maneuver itself.
  • Crash and slam proof. This one’s a toughie. A Tonka Ricochet RC Review guarantees this little wonder to be a tough cookie that is able to withstand any crashes, sideswipes and flips. Even if the car turns over during a race, you can be sure that the Ricochet can find its orientation and keep itself moving.

  • Power Truck. The Tonka Ricochet RC vehicle is hugely impressive because of its sleek design that comes with a monster engine power. A press of the accelerator can send the Ricochet’s tires spinning and roaring. It can even get some airtime once you manage to effectively control the toy car and take it for a spin, or possibly a jump.
  • With three radio channel settings, the Tonka Ricochet RC vehicle can be placed alongside each other in close proximity without having to worry about radio interference. This means more racing competitions for your and your friends!
  • More range equals more space for playing. Users are able to control the vehicle from a distance (a good 30 yards) without having trouble with controls. This range limitation allows players more freedom when it comes to taking their cars out for a ride.
  • This little gadget comes complete with a controller, a charger, and a rechargeable battery for the car.

The downside to the Tonka Ricochet RC vehicle

While it sounds very promising, a Tonka Ricochet RC Review has noted some unpleasant feedback on the toy car:

  • Short battery life
  • Not suitable for kids below 8 years old

How Long Does the Tonka Richochet Battery hold a charge?

The battery will last for about 15 minutes of play, although up to 30 minutes is possible. Battery must then be removed to be recharged. Recharging does take 4 hours.

What is the range of the remote?

Range of the Remote is about 30 yards. Then the car cannot receive instructions from it.

Should you buy the Tonka Ricochet RC Remote Controlled Car?

All in all, this RC is a keeper for active boys as long as you set aside time for battery charging! You can see the Tonka Ricochet Radio Controlled Car Here.

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