Toto Washlet S300 Review – Elongated and Round Bidet Toilet Seat

Toto Washlet S300 Review of the Bidet Toilet Seat

The Toto Washlet S300 bidet toilet seat is a Japanese luxury remote control toilet seat, that allows you to conform your existing Toto Washlet E300 Toilet Seattoilet to a hygienic bidet. It allows you to be fully cleansed, deodorized and fresh.

The Toto Washlet S300 offers a hands free bathroom experience for men, women and children alike.

Here is a simple overview of the benefits of the Toto Bidet Seat :

  • Seat warmer with timer ~ forget the winter toilet seat chill
  • Remote control for all functions at your fingertips
  • Front and rear  water spray with hard and soft levels and temperature control
  • Warm air drying so no toilet paper is needed
  • A gentle massage mode for relaxation or pain relief
  • Automatic deodorizer fan for a fresh bathroom smell
  • Soft close toilet seat for a slam free close

With the Toto Washlet S300 Bidet Seat, you can adjust the water to your comfort level, including the temperature, pressure, and direction of the aerated stream. So, you get the clean you want, and can modify it based on how much time you have to relax. Using the massage feature gives you a gentle cycling motion, which is soothing while gently cleansing.

Toto Bidet Washlet S300 Toilet Seat – Warm Water on Demand

The Toto Washlet S300 Bidet Seat is a tankless lid, so there is no unsightly water heater needed. It heats the water on demand, so only as needed. There is no waste, and you still get all the warm water you need to get the job done.

How Does The Toto Washlet S300 Stay Clean When Shared?

After each use, the Toto wand is self cleaned, so no worry of contamination or germs. Add this to the anti-bacterial lid and seat for sanitation where it is needed the most.

Genital Pain, Hemorrhoids, or Leaking of Urine or Fecal Matter – A Bidet Can Help

If you have problems that leave you in pain, uncomfortable, or feeling dirty through out the day, a bidet is a gentle reliever of pain. A soothing warm water massage that removes odors and leaves you feeling fresh can be indispensable.

Features of the Toto Toilet Seat S300

Here a more in-depth view of these features;

The S300 has a remarkable full spectrum of features for a seat only add-on bidet. It includes one wand which releases the water Toto Bidet e300spray, which you can adjust for the proper position, water pressure, and temperature. The rear stream allows for a strong or soft direct stream of water to your rear. The front stream does the same, but soft only. You can adjust your seated position to get the aim just right.

You can set the wand to oscillate, which moves it slightly back and forth, or pulsate, which changes the pressure of the water. This allows for lots of options, obviously you would need to try them to determine your favorites.

The dry cycle allows you to complete the whole process completely hands free, as well as sans toilet paper. It blows warm air, but does take some time, considering you just got a soothing soaking. It certainly allows you to use less toilet paper for drying, and when you don’t mind staying seated, an option to do away with it all together.

The deodorizer/fan is the perfect add-on for this seat. Not even something most people would think about, it offers a gentle noise for masking sound as well as a way to strip out odors without a cover up smell. It automatically comes on and goes off when the seat is in use, but you can shut it off if you prefer. A great benefit for a shared bidet.

The seat itself is heated and offers a gently close, so there are no more seat slams. The water heats on demand, so it is always warm.

Toto Washlet S300 Video Review

Toto Washlet S300 Elongated and Round Seats

With the Toto seat, you purchase an elongated or round bidet Seat, to retrofit to your existing toilet. They offer 3 color choices;

  1. Colonial white
  2. Cotton white
  3. Sedona Beige

Toto S300 dimensions & S300 Washlet Fit Chart:

For the Toto S300 Washlet, you need to know the distance from the center of the mounting hole to the front outer edge of the toilet bowl as well as if your tank is flat or curved. Not all tanks will allow retro fit of the seat. Complete measuring instructions as well as a list of allowable seats and a Complete Fit Chart Can Be Found Here.

The S300 Round seat dimensions are Length 19-7/8-Inch, Width 15-3/4-Inch, Height 5-1/8 Inch

The S300 Elongated seat dimensions are Length 21-Inch, Width 15-3/4-Inch, Height 5-1/8-Inch

Toto Washlet S300 Installation Instructions

Once you know you can utilize the bidet seat, you will need too have a GFCI power outlet available for the seat to operate. Your water comes from a connection of the seat to the water inlet in your existing toilet tank. You can see full installation instructions Here.

Cons of the Toto Washlet S300 Bidet

The most common complaints were shifting around for proper coverage by the wand. This is easily done, but more coverage and an extra wand were on the wish list. The lid also is much lighter than most were used to. The great thing is, after using the bidet, no one was too concerned with these slight issues, as the numerous benefits took precedence.

Overall, a bidet is a luxury. Having a heated seat and feeling clean all day where it matters most, well, that is a nice perk. If you experience pain, hemorrhoids, or leaking, it is hard to say just how valuable it feels to be clean.

You can find Low Pricing and Free Shipping on the Toto S300 Washlet Toilet Seat Here

s300 washlet fit chart

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