Trashies Toys | Trash Pack Trashies Review

Trashies Toys | Trash Pack Trashies and Truck Review

The Trash Pack Trashies Toys are new kids collectibles that offers a twist that kids will love. The Trashies are just what they sound like…garbage made into collectibles!

Trash pack trashies toys

Much like the Squinkies, in cute and sweet pet styles, the Trash Pack Trashies are designed to resemble filthy pieces of garbage, with bulging eyes, varied expressions and silly shapes.

The Trashies Toys – What’s To Love

These soft minature figures come in Bin Monsters, Grubz, and Bin-Fections and have names like Sludge Can, Putrid Pizza, Smelly Sock, Mucky Maggot and Soggy Tomato.

For kids, the Trash Pack Trashies Toys resemble gross and disgusting stuff. And, herein lies the appeal – Gross stuff that will make them laugh to share with friends!

They are for kids 5 and over, and are expected to be a hit for the holidays with reasonable prices. The Trashies, released by Moose Toys, will make great conversations for kids as they say, ‘I’ll trade you puke pod for Skummy Skull.’ Not to mention they can be a fun and easy way to stuff the stockings.

What Kids Do With Trashies Toys

The Trash Pack Trashies Toys are being marketed as collectible, tradable, and fun to play with, with game ideas included in larger sets. They will offer over 100 Trashies characters, playsets, a garbage truck and garbage cans.

Trading Trashies Trash Pack Toys

For kids into swapping the Trashies, there will also be exclusive characters too. The Trash Pack Trashie Characters will come in three different colors also.

These three colors will rate them as common, rare, or ultra rare. There will also be special edition, exclusive, and the rare glow in the dark Trashies that the company says they will release only once.

Trashie packs come with the Trashies collectible booklet, so your kids can track their prizes along the way, and figure out which ones to be on the look-out for trading up.

So, if your kids have been eyeing up the garbage recently, but you feel it really may be unsafe, consider ‘The Gross Gang in your garbage” as the solution!

Trashie Toys Commercial

Trash Pack Trashies Toy Playsets

The Trashies are available in the following sets, with more collectibles to be released;

Two Pack Trashies Settrashies 2 pack

Two Pack Trashies will offer 2 Trash Pack characters, a large garbage can, and a collectors booklet. There will not be limited edition characters released in this size.

Five Pack Trashies Set

5 pack trashies toys setThe five pack Trashies set will have five Trashies figures, five small garbage cans, and the collectors booklet. These larger sets may include limited edition characters that will be released only once.

May Include: King Rat, Trash Cat and Soggy Tomato

12 Pack Trashies Set

The 12 pack Trashies set will include 12 trashies collectibles and 6 garbage cans. It will have 5 cans that are small and 12 pack trashies toysone that is extra large and glows.

This 12 piece Trashies set will have 2 characters that are glow in the dark included and may even find some limited edition figures, which will only be released once.

May include: King Rat, Trash Cat and Soggy Tomato

This set will include the collectors guide and also a games book, to play games with their collectibles.

Trashies Collectors Case

trashies collector caseThe Trashies collectors case will include 2 exclusive collectibles, Waster Banana and Squashed Wheel, and is designed to fit 60 figures. It can be folded up for carrying around their collection.

Trashies Trash Can

The Trashies Trash Can is a storage place for Trashies figures as well as small cans. It is trash shaped and silver, and trashies trash canthe outside is styled with the normal drips and slime associated with trash, as well as pictures of the trashies toys in animated form. It has a seperate  case inside, that holds the  Trashies garbage cans and includes a carrying handle.

It will include 2 trashies that are exclusives: Spew-Shi and Skummy Skull, and can hold up to eighteen of their figures as well as small cans. The Trashies Trash Can is 8.0 x 5.7 x 5.6 inches.

Trashies Garbage Truck

Trashies Garbage TruckThe Trashies Garbage Truck comes with two exclusive Trashies; Sludge Can and Dead Tire. It is a real garbage truck with rolling tires. The center compartment opens to reveal pegs the Trashies can balance on for display.

The large garbage bin in the back offers a game where kids can launch their trashies into the air. The collectibles can also be stored here too, with room for up to 12 trash cans. The Trashies Garbage Truck is 13.6 x 8.9 x 4.4 inches.

 Where to buy Trash Pack Trashies

You can Buy Trash Pack Trashies Here and  in limited locations in retail store outlets.



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