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Vtech Reader Review of the Vtech Reader System

The Vtech e-reader is an animated e-book reader for kids ages three to seven. It helps them learn to read, while having fun at the same time. With it’s bright colored buttons, an extra large touch screen, and even a see-through cover for protection, the Vtech ereader is designed for easy use, yet made to stand up to abuse.

vtech ereaderThe Vtech ereader is ideal to help kids go from pre-readers to fluent readers. It allows them to develop independent reading skills, and with the help of the reader when they get stuck, they improve in confidence. The great part is, they gain these skills playing fun games, which makes it seem a lot less like work.

Vtech E-Book Reader – About the System

The reader is designed to be high technology, which kids love. It includes a strong plastic body, a large touch screen, a stylus pen, and a kid friendly navigation menu. Kids have the option of using the headphone jack, for quiet play, and a DC  jack is included when you don’t want to use batteries, although the cord is not.

You get a Story cartridge, called ‘What’s that Noise” with the V-Reader. You can also download others from the Vtech website, which is easy with the USB cord (included). This allows you to get stories they will really enjoy, which is the way to encourage natural reading. You can also buy additional cartridges, and a full selection is included below.

V.Reader with a girlThe E-Reader for Any Reading Level

Reading with the Vtech ereader is interactive and animated, so while they are learning, they are having fun. They can also personalize their reader with their name. When it’s time to read, they have 3 options;

  1. Watch a story being read to them – each line is highlighted as it is read
  2. Play reading games – learn essential skills like rhyming, letter case and comprehension
  3. Use the Dictionary which corresponds to each story – Touch a word to find out more about it

For kids over five challenged even further, with more difficult categories and advanced levels. Vtech also gives the option to monitor progress by connecting the system to their site, where parents can print certificates for their children.

Features of the Vtech Ereader

  • 4.3″ color touch screen
  • Plays fully animated stories with story narration, character voices, vivid graphics and exciting music and sounds
  • Includes 3 ways to play: Watch the story, reading games and story dictionary
  • USB port and SD memory card slot for expansion
  • Durable, kid-tough design

Here is what you get with the Vtech Ereader

V.Reader device, V.Reader pen, V.Reader Storybook cartridge (Whats That Noise), soft cleaning cloth, USB cable, user’s manual

Also if you want to download games, you need to buy an SD Card.

Buyer Review of the Vtech E-Reader from B. Salveron:

“This was for my young daughter, it holds her attention and is easy to use. She loves it and would rather play with it than watch her favorite shows! Enough said!”

We encourage you to read all the available reviews you can. You can find good and bad Reviews of the Vtech Ereader Here.

Product DetailsAvailable Vtech Reader Cartridges

You can see a complete listing of V Reader Cartridges Here or below are the individual titles.

  • The Little Engine that Could – Join the Little Engine on a journey and learn about bravery and courage.
  • Dora – Play with Dora, Boots and Swiper in Fairytale Land and help to save the Piggies’ bricks and protect them from the Bad Wolf.
  • Olivia – Follow the Perfect ballerina on her dancing adventures as she finds a dancing partner.
  • Scooby-Doo – Join the mystery gang as they battle a mummy who has come to life and is turning people into stone.
  • Cars – Join Mater and McQueen as they race through Toyko.
  • Disney Fairies – Travel with Tinkerbell and friends as they race to save tink from a little girl.
  • Shrek’s Vacation – Join Shrek, Fiona, their  ogre babies and donkey on a vacation adventure.
  • Disney Princess – Cinderella and Belle entertain girls with magical stories.
  • Mr Men/Little Miss – Find Mr. Messy’s missing socks with the help of Mr. Bump and Little Miss Sunshine.
  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse – Join Mickey and Donald as they play hide-and-seek with their Clubhouse friends.
  • Toy Story 3 – Say good-bye to Andy and hello to Sunnyside Daycare, with Buzz, Woody, and the gang.

Vtech E-Reader Accessories

Product DetailsAvailable accessories include the V-Reader 9v power cord adaptor, car charger, V-reader Case in Blue or Pink, and V-Reader Backpack (part of bundle only). All the pieces can be purchased together in the V-reader accessory bundle. None of these are required, but they will protect your ereader and save you some money on batteries.

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