Vtech Mobigo Travel Case-Blue or Pink

Mobigo Travel Case

The Mobigo Travel Case is a hard cover that protects your investment in your Vtech Mobigo Touch Learning System. Unfortunately, the protector case is not included with the game system, so you have to buy it separately.

But, it is an important accessory to have, because although these systems are made to take some abuse, the average child is likely to drop it at least a few times. And this toy is one they can use for years.

Here are some pictures of the Mobigo holder, in blue or pink.

The Mobigo Travel case is hard and brightly colored for boys or girls, in hot pink or blue. It fully zips open and closed and stores the Mobigo Learning System as well as many game cartridges.

The portable travel case also includes a protective cover to specifically protect the touch screen from scratches while on the go.

Just fold up your Mobigo computer, put it in the touch system case, and it is held in place by elastic straps. Zip up, and they are ready to go. This hard case will safely protect your game system from the daily mishaps that are sure to happen.

One drawback with this protector, it can fit a little snug, so you may need to help your child remove the game system until it loosens up with use. But, still better to keep your investment safe.

To find out more or to buy the Mobigo Travel Case Visit Here for Pink and Here for Blue

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