Wappy Dog DS Game Review

Wappy Dog DS Game Review | Wappy Dog with Interactive Toy |  Wappy Dog Nintendo DS Game

Wappy Dog DS Game ReviewThe Wappy Dog Game is an innovative new virtual pets game that’s sure to have kids sitting up and begging for more play time on their Nintendo DS Gaming Systems.

This game takes the whole idea of virtual pets to a whole new level and seems poised to lead the way for new types of interactive toys that are light years ahead of old-school interactive favorites, like Furbies and other similar toys. That’s because the Wappy Dog Nintendo DS Game is much more than just a game, there’s an actual, physical toy involved when kids play with Wappy.

The Wappy Dog Game comes with an interactive toy that is paired to your child’s DS, much like you’d pair a Blue Tooth headset to your phone. And once the toy is synched up with the game, the real fun begins. Wappy plays games with  and against players, and shows signs of emotion when he wins or loses. There are lots of built-in mini-games that allow kids to have a blast with Wappy, both on and off the DS screen.

Wappy Dog DS Game Review of Features

  • It’s one of the first video game/interactive toy combinations.
  • Wappy develops a unique personality as your child interacts with him in different gaming modes.
  • Video game features mini-games, training and pet care sessions.
  • Kids can play with or against Wappy in different games, and the toy shows emotions when games are played.
  • The data from the game sessions and the toy synch up and almost make Wappy the Dog seem like he’s really alive.
  • 3 AA batteries required not included.
  • Best for kids under 8.

Wappy Dog Video Game Review

Wappy the Dog DS Game Overview

As kids play the games and interact with the physical toy, Wappy will develop a unique personality, just like a real pet would. This game allows kids to have fun, while driving Wappy Dog with Interactive Toyhome the real-world lessons of caring for an animal.

Wappy has to be fed, trained and interacted with, if kids want his personality to progress. Parents will enjoy seeing their child learn virtual responsibility and empathy, while kids will have a blast interacting with Wappy and taking good care of him.

Interactive toys/games have come a long way in the past ten years, and the Wappy the Dog Video Game is a great example of how advanced these products have become, and hint at even more imaginative interactive devices in the very near future.

All of the in-game features are simple, yet fun for players, and having the physical toy interact with the virtual game-play is an ingenious take on high-tech entertainment.

Where to Buy Wappy Dog Nintendo DS Game

You can Buy Wappy Dog DS Game Here with free Shipping and fast delivery to your door. Kids will enjoy not only a video game, but an interactive dog to play with as well.

The Activition Nintendo DS Game includes the video and the interactive Wappy Dog. Just make sure to pick up AA batteries. You will need 3 to use your Wappy Dog DS game.

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