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A White Noise Alarm Clock For A Good Night’s Sleep

Having trouble sleeping? Well, you’re not alone. With everyone’s stress level rising due to the many demands of our work and busy lifestyles, being sleep-deprived is now a common occurrence among many people. Like you, many people are in search for that ever elusive sleep. Unfortunately for some, sleep comes in trickles. You’re dozing off one minute, you’re up the next.

Lack of sleep has been said to be leading cause of so many of our modern day health problems. Good there’s now a white noise alarm clock. Designed to help you get the sleep that you deserve, this white noise generator alarm clock is designed to fulfill your bedroom needs by playing sounds with frequencies that keep you relaxed.

An alarm clock with white noise can help in any of theses situations:

Your partner snores~ you live in a city and hear cars or sirens and general noise~ you have a barking dog in the neighborhood~ you have noisy neighbors~ you travel often~ you want to cover up the sound of a furnace or air conditioning unit.

Below are some great options in white noise alarm clocks, which have much better pricing than most white noise generators alone that don’t include any additional features. The sound therapy alarm clock also act as a night light for children.

Bestselling White Noise Alarm Clocks for Sleeping ~ Great for Adults or Kids

Sound Oasis Alarm Clock with White Noise
Theraputic sounds with Sound Cards (SD cards) High Fidelity Sound System Full alarm Clock - No Radio Wake up to beep or sounds Gradual off timer slowly reduces volume Headphone jack AC adapter or 4 AA Batteries
Sound Options:
Comes with 24 sounds, can add your own, Has White Noise
Average Review Ratings:
4 out of 5 stars
Conair Sound Therapy Clock Radio
AM/FM Radio Alarm Saves 2 alarms Snooze and Timer AC Adapter or 4 AA Batteries Great for Travel
Sound Options:
10 Sound Options including White Noise and Nature Sounds
Average Review Ratings:
3.5 out of 5
Sony Clock Radio With Nature Sounds for Sleeping
AM/FM Clock Radio Wake up to sounds, radio or beep Dual alarm Snooze button Adjustable backlit display 2-5-7 day alarm memory Built in Lithium Battery for power loss AC Adapter
Sound Options:
5 Nature Sounds / No white noise but has rainfall
Average Review Ratings:
4 out of 5 stars
Sharper Image Soothing Sounds Alarm Clock
Sounds and Alarm only, No Radio Offers dual alarms Timer to stop sound at certain time Wake up to alarm or sound Ac Adapter or 3 AAA batteries
Sound Options:
20 Total sounds with White Noise and Nature Sounds
Average Review Ratings:
3.5 out of 5 Stars

How Does a White Noise Sound Machine Help You to Sleep?

They say that when you’re having a bad day, it’s because you woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Well, it’s probably because you woke up in a panic due to the startling noises of your regular alarm clock. Thankfully, the white noise alarm clock doesn’t work that way.

A white noise maker alarm clock works by gently waking you up using a simulated noise that’s not so loud and jarring. Because of its unique method, users of this alarm clock will be sure to wake up feeling more refreshed.

Designed as a unique sound therapy product, the white noise alarm clock helps to somehow purify the noise surrounding you by getting rid of and masking all the other sounds. Because it’s not as disturbing as the other noises, you will only pick up gentle sounding music that’s pleasing to the ears. This alarm clock is so calming that you will enjoy waking up to its sound.  You will surely wake up rested and calm once the alarm goes off.

Because it masks other distracting sounds, this alarm clock can also help cover up the annoying sounds of street traffic and even the snoring sound that your roommate makes.

Additional Features Of A White Noise Alarm Clock

Some white noise alarm clocks come with a cd player so once you’re up and about, you can simply pop a cd on it and it will play your favorite songs to keep you in good spirits all throughout the day. Or if you prefer to use your Ipod, then simply connect it using the cable or dock. Most we found did not function well once these features were added. We recommend purchasing those add-on’s seperately. Better yet, you can just turn on the white noise alarm clock’s radio so you can instantly tune in to your favorite radio stations.

Another great thing about this gadget is that it is a portable white noise alarm clock, which makes it great for travel. You can bring this nifty gadget with you wherever you plan to go.  So whether you’re sleeping in a hotel or camping in the mountainside, you will surely wake up every morning feeling well rested.

To see a full selection of Sound Therapy and White Noise Alarm Clocks, visit Here.

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