Yamaha EF2000iS Review – Yamaha EF2000IS Inverter Generator


Yamaha EF2000iS Review – 2000 Watt Portable Inverter Generator

Investing in a generator is a big decision, so you want to make the right choice. In this Yamaha EF2000is review, you’ll find the pros Yamaha EF2000iS reviewand cons of this 2000 watt portable inverter generator from Yamaha.

Whether your generator usage is occasional when power outages occur due to storms, or you’ll use a generator often when traveling, using an RV trailer, or for camping, a portable lightweight inverter generator can fit your needs.

In general, the Yamaha 2000 is carb compliant (for all 50 states), portable inverter generator that can run for 10.5 hours on 1.1 gallons of gas, all the while producting 2000 watts of clean and quiet power.

The Yamaha EF2000is inverter generator is so quiet, that you can have a normal conversation from 6 feet away. So quiet, all your neighbors will appreciate it too!

Also, if you love the great outdoors, you don’t want to spend your precious time listening to the roar of your generator.

Not to mention, it looks pretty cool in bright blue!

What is an Inverter Generator?

An inverter generator is a generator that supplies ‘cleaned’ power, utilizing microprocessors to refine the energy, making it a more reliable power source for high-tech equipment and electronics. It would simply be power as you would expect to come out of your plugs at home.

Because when you purchase a generator, you don’t always know today how many ways you will end up using it, a high quality unit such as the Yamaha Inverter generator EF2000iS will fit most any needs that arise.

Yamaha EF2000IS Review of Features – Quiet and Reliability

The best features of the yamaha ef2000is inverter generator are:

  • Noise reduction technology that is very quiet for a generator
  • High quality construction, made by Yamaha to last
  • Inverter system with Pulse Width Modulation for electronics and computers
  • Oil Watch and Fuel Gauge – Monitor both from the panel
  • Small size and lightweight ~ portable
  • Convenient controls on front panel
  • EPA rated – Longest engine emission life rating (low pollution)
  • OHV engine – Cast iron liner for long life
  • Smart throttle technology – reduces engine speed based on load to improve efficiency and reduce fuel waste
  • Auto Warm-up – Fast starts in cold weather
  • Carb fuel Shut-off – Run gas out for winter storage
  • Overload breaker – Prevents damage in case of overuse
  • TwinTech Technology – Allows you to hook 2 together for 3600 watts of power
  • Easy pull starter cord
  • DC outlet on front panel & cables included – (12 volt charging built in)
  • Rubber feet absorb vibration

Power up electric appliances that draw under 16.7 amps. Great for charging bike, marine or any 12 volt battery on the go, power tools, computers, cell phones, and electronics, and also for emergency use.

How Long will the Yamaha Inverter generator EF2000iS keep running on a fill-up?

This is based on actual load, or how much power you are drawing while in use. But, here are some general guidelines you can expect when running your yamaha ef2000is. If you are using it in regular mode, for most applications other than electronics and TV’s, you will get 6 or more solid hours of run time without refilling the tank. If you use it in Eco mode, you can get over 10 solid hours – All while being able to clearly hear that TV!  All on just over 1 gallon of gas – quite an amazing feat.


Yamaha EF2000IS Video Review


Yamaha Ef2000is Size

The ef2000is portable inverter generator is sized just right for travel. Weighing in at 44 lbs, it offers a large handle for easy carrying and is small in size, at 19x11x18 inches.

Yamaha Ef2000is Generator Specs

MSRP* $1,099
Type Brushless Inverter
Maximum AC Output 2000 watts
Rated AC Output 1600 watts
Rated / Maximum AC Current 13.3 / 16.7 amps @ 120V
Engine OHV, Forced Air-Cooled, Four-Stroke, Single Cylinder
Displacement 79cc
Overall Length 19.3 in
Overall Width 11.0 in
Overall Height 17.9 in
Dry Weight 44.1 lb
Fuel Tank Capacity 1.1 gallons
Continuous Operation at 1/4 Rated Load 10.5 hrs
Noise Level 51.5 – 61 dBA
Warranty 3 Years Limited Warranty

You can also Visit Yahama Here to compare models if you are undecided. Just pick the model you want to compare to the ef2000is inverter.

Yamaha EF2000IS Review – Cons

Like all good things, nothing is perfect, and the same can be said of this inverter generator. Here are the most common complaints, although no one felt these issues were important enough that they would have purchased a different model.Yamaha Ef2000is generator review

The biggest complaint with the Yamaha 2000 was that it ships without engine oil.  To begin using it, you will need to add four cycle engine oil (10w30), which is not included. For most, this is no big deal, but it is something to be aware of if you do not normally stock oil. It will use less than a quart. There were also complaints about the angle of the oil fill hole being difficult to access.

The other biggest complaint…Price! Most were simply not expecting to pay this kind of money for a generator. But, they enjoyed accepting the compliments about how quiet it was and accessing it so easily because it is very portable. Overall, the Yamaha ef2000is is a model that will last long enough to allow you to get over the sticker shock.

Also, be aware that a generator can loose effectiveness at higher altitudes. Approximately 3 feet per 1000 feet of elevation, and this applies to all models.

Lastly, don’t expect miracles. This unit is not designed to run your air conditioning, heat your water, and run 2 TV’s all at the same time. But, it will get your hair dry, check your email, and charge batteries. All done quietly.


Yamaha Ef2000is Accessories Review

There are always extras you can buy, and these are not necessary to use your inverter generator. But, if they suit your needs, they are available. You can buy a cover to protect the unit. There are twin-tech cables available to allow you to run 2 generators together and double your output. You can check your local Yamaha dealer or check the links below for online shopping availability and price comparisons from Google.

ef2000is cover price comparison

yamaha twin tech cables buying options

Make sure you have the basics to get started. Some 4 cycle engine oil and small funnel, a no-spill gas can, and an amp/watts load tester. They all all inexpensive and nice to have to get you started.

Yamaha Ef2000is Generator Buy with the Best Price

I hope you enjoyed our Yamaha ef2000is review. We have found the Yamaha ef2000is best price at Amazon with free shipping and in most areas tax free.

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