Yamaha EF3000ise Review and Yamaha EF3000iseb Review


Quiet Rules with the Yamaha EF3000ise or ER3000iseb Generators

In this Yamaha EF3000ise/iseb review, we’ll discuss these portable generators, tell you the differences, give you the specifications and yamaha ef3000ise reviewaccessory options, and discuss the overall features.

The Yamaha inverter generator is a step ahead in terms of delivering clean power while allowing you to enjoy your surrounding, whatever you may be doing. With so many loud generator units, the quiet of this one will please your neighbors, while you can enjoy conversations standing only a short distance away.

It offers an easy electric start, as well as an option to add a remote on/off feature. With very low fuel consumption and a power saver feature to ensure you make it through the night, you will find that being in the great outdoors or without power does not have to mean a loss of luxuries.

The price on the Yamaha inverter generators is higher than other models. But, if quiet, dependability, easy maintenance, low fuel usage, and long lasting quality are important factors in your  generator search, you will find with the Yamaha EF3000ise and EF3000iseb models, you get what you pay for.

Yamaha EF3000ise vs Yamaha EF3000iseb Generators – What is the difference?

The two models are essentially the same unit, but for a situation where you may need a temporary extra boost of power, they designed the ef3000iseb. They both have a maximum AC output of 3000 watts, but with the EF3000iseb boost technology, you can get an additional output of 500 watts on the EF3000ISEB when you need it most.

So, how does Yamaha accomplish a boost of power? The inverter generator is designed to sense when there is a need for additional power, and supplies it by adding battery voltage to the alternator.

This boost lasts for 10 seconds, supplying big appliances, such as power tools or air conditioners enough power to turn on. When the appliance is turned on is when the largest power drain occurs, so it gives an additional power boost, just as you need it, up to 3500 watts maximum. So, you won’t need to turn off the TV to turn on the air. As for the other features, the specs and size are identical on both models.


Yamaha EF3000ISE and EF3000ISEB Video Review

Clean Power from an Inverter Generator

The power provided by an inverter generator is put through a specialized processor to make it clean and efficient. It offers electricity much like you expect to come from the outlets in any residence. What does this mean to you? You can run electronics, computers, and charge cell phones, without having to worry about damage to the appliance. This is a risk when you use any traditional generator.


Yamaha EF3000ise & Yamaha EF3000iseb Features

Quiet Operation – Uses sound absorbing insulation for the quietest operation possible
Pulse Width Modulation – to provide you with the cleanest power and protect your valuables. This produces high power, safe for electronics.
Electric Start– Easy push button start with no pulling necessary. (Wireless remote with 75 foot range available as an add-on)
12 Volt Battery Charging– Cables included for convenient recharging when you need it.
Yamaha EF3000is/isb Fuel Capacity – 3.4 Gallon Fuel Tank – Provides up to 19 hours of power (based on usage)
EC Mode – Economy Control for optimal fuel efficiency
OHV 171cc Engine – Reliable and Quiet
Smart Throttle Control – Senses load needed and adjusts engine output for maximum efficiency. A green generator that will save on fuel costs, reduces engine wear, and makes it as quiet as possible.
Oil Warning Light – Senses engine oil levels, and shuts down until oil is added to protect the unit from damage


Yamaha EF3000ise & Yamaha EF3000iseb Carb Compliance

Passes standards for all 50 states, as well as California’s additional regulations for air index. So, you can travel anywhere you can drive, and know that these units will pass the area’s requirements.


Yamaha EF3000ise/b Specs

MSRP* $2,199 EF3000iSE
$2,469 EF3000iSEB
Type Brushless, Inverter
Maximum AC Output 3000 watts (+500 watts boost on EF3000iSEB)
Rated AC Output 2800 watts
Rated / Maximum AC Current 23.3 / 25 amps @ 120V
Engine OHV, Air-Cooled, Four-Stroke, Single Cylinder
Displacement 171cc
DC Output 12 volt 12 amps
Ignition System Electric w/Recoil & Auto Decompressor
Overall Length 26.8 in
Overall Width 17.5 in
Overall Height 21.9 in
Dry Weight 149.9 lb. / 154.3 lb (EF3000iSEB)
Fuel Tank Capacity 3.4 gal
Continuous Operation at 1/4 Rated Load 19 hr
Noise Level 53 -60 dBA
Warranty 3 Years Limited Warranty


Yamaha also has a nice Comparison option on their site to compare different Yamaha models You can find that here.


Yamaha ef3000ise and ef3000iseb Owners Service Manual

Here is a pdf copy of the manual, sometimes it helps to see exactly what you will need to do for set up and maintenance.


Yamaha EF3000ise/b Accessories

Yamaha offers a QuickStart remote control option for these inverter generators, as well as a cover for storage. You can check with your local Yamaha dealer, or for online ordering, you can check the dealers who are selling them below. I did not find them to be easy to locate for online discounts, and I assume dealers will offer at full price. It is worth it to check around.

Yamaha QuickStart Remote Start Kit

Cover for EF3000iSE and EF3000iSEB


Cons and Complaints Regarding the ef3000ise/b

Although the EF3000is and EF3000isb are portable generators, as you get more wattage, you will find more weight.  At 150 pounds (dry weight), the wheels are a huge help, until you have to load it in a truck or trailer for travel. So be aware of this, as it is limiting for some.

You will also need to install the battery, fill it and also fill the engine oil, as it ships without it. The initial set up of the battery requires a fill with acid, but clear instructions are provided, as well as everything you need to accomplish this.

The oil fill will require you to have some 10W-30 on hand, as well as a funnel. It is angled and awkward to access.

Overall, the few concerns were not enough to make buyers regret their purchase, but are certainly things any buyer would want to know.


Ef3000iseb Amazon and Ef3000ise – Free Shipping

We have found pricing at Amazon to be competitive as well as the added benefit of free shipping, a big tax savings and shipping to your door. You can read more Yamaha ef3000ise reviews Here and see the Yamaha ef3000iesb Here.


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